From Sun to Snow

Well after two and a bit weeks of sun, sand and surf it’s a bit of a shock to the system to be back in Canada where it’s snow, cold and ice. Luckily it’s not super cold here right now, just chilly, so I can adjust into winter mode without too much angst. Mexico was super fun and here are a few of the highlights/observations:

  • Lying in the sun on a near white sand beach on Christmas day, listening to the waves come in on Paraiso Beach, then having a wonderful dinner underneath clear skies and thousands of stars.
  • Diving the Santa Rosa wall off Cozumel, a place that deserves its diving reputation. Plus my first ever fresh water cavern dive in the stunning Chac Mool (Claw of the Jaguar) cenote. Both of these dives were with the lovely Tank Ha folks in Playa del Carmen who I highly recommend.
  • Visiting Chichen Itza with its stunning Mayan ruins, reminiscent of Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Just wish we’d had more time there – not only for the ruins, but it was actually the cheapest place to buy tourist stuff and I never had a chance to shop.
  • Sipping various cocktails poolside to one of the biggest pools in Mexico, plus very rarely using that same pool for exercise style lengths. Yeah right.
  • All that good mexican food; fajitas, enchiladas, moles, soups and the rest.
  • Experiencing Mexican police corruption and bribe gathering at first hand, as well as Mexico’s wonderful exuberance regarding un-signed road bumps that you can only go over at 5mph on a road with a 70mph speed limit. Bless.
  • The wonderful, smiling people who are so friendly and fun – they totally make up for those corrupted by their little bit of power in the police force.

So thanks again to Marsha and John for an amazing trip, you guys rocks! Expect to see some photos up at my Flickr stream soon – honest!

The Liking

Today I is mostly liking sitting in the sun and having a picernic with Jess, Gerald and crew. Today’s special guest star was Rich, who I last saw at random in a Thai bar on Ko Lanta (he’s passing through on the way back to England from Australia). Now, as the sun sets on the end of a luverley day, I’m rocking out to Jarvis’ latest self titled offering in preparation for his gig tonight at Webster Hall – plus Beck’s ‘The Information‘ is also providing much enjoyment. It’s good to have some new tunes on rotation. Now if only the f*cking ice cream van outside would shut off the inane plinky noise of its child attracting device… Surely there’s some kind of law against it sitting and running the tune in the same location for more than a few bars? Grrr.

3 days and counting

Had a mighty fine weekend just kicking back and doing lots of homebody things. Varnishing furniture, cooking and going to the gym. Somehow this all makes me feel quite inspired – interesting how the simpler things in life can do that. Also helped by a gorgeous brunch with Max, Kelle, Jon and Alexa at La Table (Adelphi and Lafayette in Fort Green) and post-Star Wars I dinner with Andy and Sarah in Jai-Ya on 3rd Avenue. Mmm..