A New Day, A New Dawn

A new dawn on Wordpress. In which the author attempts to explain, yet again, why he hasn’t been blogging much of late and promises to do better next time.

Welcome to a new chapter at MattHobbs.com. Hello there! Expect much the same as before, except we’ll be brought to you by the wonders of WordPress rather than the classic goodness of Blogger. What does this mean to you, my readers? Well pretty much nothing will change, the site stays the same other than in the way it looks. My posts will still be here, you can click on links to go elsewhere and so on and so forth.

Oh, there is one thing some of you may need to change – if you use a feed reader to read my posts then you’ll need to update it to point to the new feed otherwise you won’t get all my posty goodness. Sorry about that.

While we’re here, let’s talk about how even more irregular my posting has been of late… Blah blah blah. Yep, the standard refrain of the lazy blogger. To be honest if you want regular, well crafted web content you’d do well to check out my friend Mau as he weaves a fine set of words about life, music & photography life clockwork. For more regular (albeit shorter) words from me you may want to pick up my twitter feed, @ultrahi.

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