Plus ça Change (Blogger: 10 years on)

Many, many years ago I signed up for a young web service to host this blog. In fact it was almost ten years ago – or will be in a week. This service, Blogger, was the de-facto standard for web-log (or ‘blog’) hosting at the time – far and away the leader in a young market. A few years later Google bought them out, and the team who created it went on to other things. Wow. Time flies.

Now Google has decided that they can no longer afford the development effort to support how I, and I assume at least a few other people, and FTP publishing of blogs is being discontinued as of March 26th this year. Bugger. So this means at some point in the nearish future this blog will be moving over to a new platform, most likely WordPress. Yes, I could magically host the domain on Google’s hosting but part of me doesn’t like the thought of everything I do being on one, increasingly monolithic provider (Microsoft, anyone?). That and I prefer to maintain more control over what I can and can’t do with my blog and self-hosting WordPress is a way to do that. For now at least.

So it’s with a slight tear in my eye I big ‘adieu’ to Blogger. You’ve served me well for many, many years and for that I thank you.

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