Anish Kapoor @ RA

Anish Kapoor @ RA
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We managed to catch the very end of Anish Kapoor’s lauded show at the Royal Academy last Friday. Even more luckily we got in thanks to my Dad’s membership card which meant we didn’t have to queue round the courtyard to see it (even with extended 11pm closing). Popular chap this Anish Kapoor!

The show was amazing, covering a span of Kapoor’s work from his early years through to pieces that were commissioned just for this show. The saturated colours Kapoor favoured in his early years were back with a vengence, as well as amazing mirrors, rusted pieces, exuded ‘worm casts’ and a new leaning towards wax that means that the pieces are constantly evolving as the show runs on. Most amazing of all these was an immense, red ‘train’ of wax that moves almost imperceptibly slowly through three galleries. Stunning. You can see more pics here.

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