The Pixies Do Doolittle

Black Francis in Action
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I have to admit to not being a huge fan of The Pixies, even though I know most of their songs through cultural osmosis. So the thought of seeing them play just one album, albeit their seminal album Doolittle, all the way through had me slightly apprehensive. Thankfully this apprehension proved misplaced, as we were all in the capable hands of some of the finest alternative rock musicians in the world.

Rocking tunes, amazing visuals, and my first proper mosh in way too long made for yet another great gig in a year of great gigs. What the band lacked in between song banter, they certainly made up for in energy and precision, delivering hit after hit to an audience that lapped it up and just wanted more. The more in this case being a smattering of Doolittle B-Sides and a couple of classic hits off the album. Wonderful. Plus Art Brut were the support, could it be any better?

If you can get a ticket to tomorrow night, the last of their four sell out shows, then go – you certainly won’t be sorry. Otherwise just click for more photos of The Pixies in action.

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