Don’t Let the Door Hit Your Ass On The Way Out

We’re almost there. Under 12 hours till the grinning idiot who somehow stole the US Presidency eight years ago is gone. At 12 noon EST, 5pm in England, Barack Obama is sworn in as the US President. It’s an historic day, of that everyone is sure. Whether or not Obama can fulfil the hopes that are now pinned on him for a brighter American and global future is on all our minds, but the reality is whatever he does or doesn’t achieve he has created an iconic moment in American history. Never in my life can I remember a time when people around the world even considered watching the US inauguration. Is this as dramatic as a ‘moon’ landing? As monumentous as JFK’s assassination? Probably.

Whatever Obama achieves, Bush is going Soon. No more of that grinning idiot apparently totally unaware of the impact of this actions, of his lack of public talking ability, of his desire for more and longer holidays as the world he helped create went to pot. Even in his extensive exit interviews (on every American TV show that will have him barring The Daily Show) he seems to believe that history will vindicate him, I wonder if Nixon felt the same way? America deserved better than your obliviousness to the wake of damage your frat-boy actions caused, both for the lives lost and the damage to America’s reputation on the world stage. You’re an embarrassment.

So here’s to Obama, on his first day as US President. There’s a lot resting on his shoulders now, but maybe he’ll be able to hold that weight and carry out his responsibilities with dignity. We can but hope, history will tell the rest.

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