Another Moment from my Geek Past

When I was younger I was fairly obsessed with my Atari ST, a classic machine that, along with the Amiga, was well ahead of what PCs offered people at the time. It was my first and only Atari, having come from a Sinclair ZX filled background. As well as offering plenty of opportunities to learn C, and other adventure game writing software, the ST also had a fine selection of games to distract me from anything productive. Remember, this was pre-internets… no sitting for hours on IM with real people, we sat for hours with ourselves immersed in code or games – unless similarly geeky friends came over to share our obsessions.

One of those obsessions was the games from the Magnetic Scrolls folks, in particular Guild of Thieves – an immensely enjoyable text based adventure with some nice pictures added on. Ah, those were the days. No worrying about the exact timing when you run through a maze of moving knives, just the constant fun of having to find the exact phrase to type to solve a problem and progress further. Many hours were frittered away on this adventure, and now you can do it again – with this wonderful site dedicated to Magnetic Scrolls’ archive. Splendid.

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