Curing a Sickness in our Culture

When you train a puppy, part of the training is to get them used to you not being around. When you go out, you might put them in a room where if they pee it doesn’t matter so much, and when you come back and let them out you should avoid giving them attention right away. The goal is to get them less dependent on your attention and hence calmer, more balanced and a better all round member of dog society. And maybe also less likely to pee on your nice new couch out of excitement.

Moving on, there’s a great article in Rolling Stone about Britney’s life and the ongoing tradegy of what’s happening now. Obviously this is another in a long series of articles about Britney, and the amazing paparazzi circus that follows her and that she helps create, but the Rolling Stone at leasts gives a vague attempt at taking an impartial view – plus it’s not unreasonable for a music magazine to write about a musician, surely? Anyways, go read it – and then never, ever read anything about Britney in the gossip rags ever again. Ever. Actually, just don’t read gossip mags. Full stop. Period. Then little puppy Britney might just have a chance, and so might the rest of us.

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