To sleep, perchance parler Français

I guess I’ve been in Montréal a while now… I woke up this morning in the middle of a weird dream in which everyone was speaking French, including me. So when I tried to remember what the dream was actually about – something to do with baby rabbits – I had no idea what anyone in the dream had said… Zut alors.

All of that is pretty encouraging, but don’t expect my blog to suddenly become bi-lingual! If you want to read it in French please feel free to chuck it into Babel Fish or some other online translation engine.

The reason for this sudden influx of french-osity (and rabbits) to my dreams was most likely from spending most of yesterday taking photos for Chocolat in Outremont, the French quarter of Montréal. The owners of the stores I had to take photos of generally didn’t speak English, so for once I was forced to chat away in ‘French’ – or Franglais more like. All in all a fun day, as Outremont is a lovely area, it was beautifully sunny day and I got to eat a lovely lunch of sardines on thin pizza. Mmmm, fishy.

Today I’m still suffering from my photographic wanderings, combined with a solid three day weekend spent labouring over a hot paint roller. The kitchen, hall and bathroom are now looking much more together, barring a few last details. The doors are white for the first time in years, with no grubby hand marks or worn paint – and that in itself is something of a miracle. The other miracle being the discovery of the missing bathroom extractor fan… not sure how one can loose such a thing, but apparently you can.

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