Montreal’s Approach to Terrorism

An interesting day in Montreal for those following the ‘war on terror’. Firstly, Trudeau airport was closed for a number of hours because someone ‘accidentally’ snuck a knife past security. This caused hours of delays for everyone as the airport was closed down and the guy eventually found – he said he hadn’t realised that the multi-tool he was carrying was prohibited.

Then late last evening, a man outside of the American Embassy threatened to detonate a bomb in his backpack. This explained why on the way back from our curry last night we saw a pile of police cars screaming along, as opposed to the couple of cops in the curry house posing for photos with the hen parties. What’s interesting to me is that the guy eventually put his backpack down and surrendered, where it turns out there was no bomb. The guy was charged with disturbing the peace. One suspects that in America he’d have been shot, or at the very least would be on his way to Cuba by now.

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