Gig: The 1990s @ Union Pool

Admiring Fans of the 1990s @ Union Pool
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Last night went and caught up with Jess & Gerald down at Union Pool, backed by cause coMOTION and 1990s. Have to say that cause coMOTION didn’t really do anything for me with their uber short songs that all blended together. They had a few nice sounds but most of it just felt like noise. 1990s were much more pop rock and easier to get into, with some full on Scots accents in between to make me feel homesick. 1990s were tight and played a great set, full of rocking, guitar driven, catchy songs. I don’t think they’ll knock Franz Ferdinand off their ‘top spot’ but they are a very different sound. Go check them out tonight at Mercury Lounge if you get a chance.

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