Happy July 4th Y’all

Yes, today is independence day – July 4th, the day that teenaged America cut the parental bonds. Celebrated throughout America with fireworks aplenty; the Macys Fireworks in New York, Boston Fireworks, Washington DC Fireworks, San Francisco Fireworks, and the list goes on.

In Coney Island it’s a day of celebration for America, as local boy Joey Chestnut beat reigning champion Takeru Kobayashi to win the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating contest. The stars and stripes will be flying high tonight f’sure as New Yorkers watch the famous NYC Fireworks down the east river.

In unrelated news – SPOILER ALERT: Don’t read below here if you like Harry Potter…

Seriously, don’t…

Apparently there is some rumor going around that Hermione dies in the next Harry Potter book, released in a few weeks. Hermione dies!! Noooo! Not sure where this has come from, maybe she dies from eating devilled eggs, but that would be a shame – I can think of many other characters I’d rather see killed off before they get their own spin-off series. Guess we’ll all find out f’real soon who JK kills off.. and if you can’t wait that long then there’s the latest movie to distract you for a few weeks. Phew!

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