Annual Glastonbury Mudfest Begins..

Well today is the official gate opening for Glastonbury Festival 2007, the festival that official demonstrates you can have a really crap domain name and still be the most popular festival in Britland. To all my many friends who are going – have a splendid time, I’m very jealous of you all even with the expected mud related action – yes, apparently this year will be another un-scorcher unfortunately. I know the Glasto spirit will overcome all with it’s joyousness and general out-of-it-ness.

For those of you who don’t know, Glastonbury Festival is the jewel in Britain’s, increasingly crowded, summer festival calendar. A splendid brew of top class bands, crusties with dogs and open air toilets – the best kind of festival toilet ever (except in the rain). It’s hard to explain Glasto if you haven’t been, so just go already. Then you’ll have the memories, well some of them at least, to fit the descriptions you hear from many people with wide grins on their faces.

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