Ricky Gervais @ Tribeca Performing Arts #2

Ricky Gervais @ Tribeca Performing Arts #2

Just got back from seeing Ricky Gervais’ first warm up gig at Tribeca Performing Arts, prior to his big shows at Madison Square this weekend. Splendid stuff indeed.

This is the first time I’ve seen Gervais live and he was fabulous. Easy banter and subtle expressions translate into high comedy under his expert guidance. My only gripe was that the show was very short, clocking in under 50 minutes. Plus if you’re easily offended this is not a show for you – British humour can be pretty blunt sometimes, well past the point of political correctness and Gervais is adept at making you squirm while you laugh out loud. There’s also something in his manner that reminded me of Eddie Izzard, who is playing at the Just for Laughs festival this year by the way, but this is definately Gervais’ own unique style of humour. Classic.

Oh, and if a venue says ‘No flash photography’ and for some reason you can’t turn your flash off, then hows about you don’t take photographs almost constantly for the last 15 minutes of a show? Now there’s a thought for the idiot who sat in seat G111. Cheers mate.

More pics.

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