Mt. Football

FIFA have announced a ban on matches above 2,500m (8,200 ft) after complaints from some teams that the thin atmosphere at high altitudes is dangerous to the health of their players. Oh, and possibly because teams that are acclimatised to the high altitudes would have an advantage. No, honestly – it is just because of the health risks. Understandably, the high altitude locations such as Peru are upset at this ban, as t means they can never host competitions locally and get the related influx of tourist dollars, etc.

I can understand the health issues, but surely this now opens the way for teams from temperate climates to complain about games held in more tropical areas? Excessive humidity is a big issue to us Brits for example. Conversely teams from warmer areas must suffer in colder regions surely? In the future are we never going to allow players to don scuba gear and challenge Poseidon United on their home sand? It’s a slippery slope.

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