Nu Room

As I approach the end of my first week of no caffeine and no alcohol I’m still finding it surprising how many headaches I’m getting. In fact the headaches have been much worse than most hangovers. Hmm. Like this morning at 6am I woke up after a night out drinking cranberry juice and ginger ale to a headache the size of Manhattan. What gives? Fingers crossed this calms down soon, or maybe I’ll have to kick sugar as well.

Anyway, the lack of Saturday morning hangover – plus the gorgeously sunny New York late winter morning – inspired me into a home re-org. I’ve been wanting to move the book shelves out of my bed ‘room’ for a while now, to free that area up a bit so I can take portraits of people against the wall. So now that’s been done and we’ll see how liveable it is. And how many portraits I take. I’ve also been pretty brutal with my closets and Salvation Army will feel the benefit of that.

Oh, and aliens landed in Brooklyn. Most likely for the Williamsburg Galleries after-hours.

Well they didn’t really, this was such a boring post that I felt I should spice it up a bit with some WMD style lies.

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