Well since I’m not in Bermuda after all I wandered down to check out the Idiotarod, New York’s crazy trolly race. Turns out the police are big fans – the entire McClaren park starting point was surrounded by cops in cars & horses. Hmm. I seem to recall Mayor Bloomberg promising a less ‘police state’ approach to New York after Guiliani’s particular style of management.

HOWEVER – it transpired that this police presence caused the start to be moved. The police followed, aided by the ever present helicopter. A mass of Idoiotrodders gathered, and eventually the police commissioner spoke up: this was not a legal gathering, and we would be arrested if we didn’t follow traffic laws and keep to the sidewalks. Pretty easy stuff in theory.

Now, I’m exhausted, knackered from following after the ‘race’ (not that anyone’s really trying to win) and just about to go through the 700 odd photos I took. Check my flickr for them. A good day for all, except maybe for those covered in flour and dead fish.

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