Stupid person diverts plane

The other day a plane was diverted in the US due to a woman’s flatulence. No, it didn’t cause turbulence or anything like that – but almost all news sources reported that flatulence caused a plane to divert, land at another airport, waste everyone’s time and then carry on its journey. Wow. That must have been bad flatulence.

Oh wait a minute. It wasn’t her flatulence that caused the situation. It was the small fact that she lit matches to burn off the smell. Lit matches. On a plane. Wow. How stupid do you have to be to not realise this is a pretty dumb thing to do – especially in the current state of heightened security?

And to add insult to injury, the authorities apparently let the culprit off without even a fine. Even after the costs (fuel/time) of diverting a plane, the fear to other people and so on. How’s that going to discourage other people from being so stupid? I guess she wasn’t foreign looking with a beard then, otherwise she would have been in jail in seconds, if not killed by everyone else on the plane.


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