In an effort to find the source of this weekend’s crazy headaches I went to the dentist today to get my teeth checked out – on the basis that the headaches seem to extend all the way into my back teeth. After half an hour of prodding, poking and x-raying (which apparently did not give me super powers) the general consensus was that there was nothing wrong with the tooth that was aching.. however they did find another tooth that’s now needing to get pulled. D’oh!

Having had his way with me, the dentist passed me over to the hygienist who proceeded to demonstrate that I’ve not been flossing enough by sticking a large spiky implement into my gum causing pain and bleeding. Youch. This was followed by half an hour of intense, mechanised grinding of teeth with some manual clean up afterwards… normally my hygienists have always just stuck with the manual tool so this was a rude awakening to say the least. The plus side is, now that my gums have recovered, my teeth are now shiny and white again – yay! On the downside my teeth are still killing me – boo!

So kids, learn from your Uncle Matt.. floss regularly every day or expect severe mouth pain on a somewhat-annual basis!

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