Invisible armies – jon evans (4/5)

Exotic travel, international cartels, rogue French mercenaries and hackers – this potent blend comes together in Evans’ capable hands to create his latest highly enjoyable novel. From the very beginning I found myself drawn into the story, following from India, through France then onto America with a cast of characters who leave you wanting to find out more at every twist and turn. And twist and turn the story does in a manner slightly reminiscent of a good Bond tale, with modern (read: not sexist) sensibilities. This is a solid, enjoyable romp of a book which would be enjoyed by anyone with a mind to adventure, travel of hacking – especially if you have a nice sunny beach to enjoy it on. Wait. Is that something happening in the tropical forest next to me? I must go and investigate…

Disclosure: Jon Evans is a friend of mine and a lovely chap he is to. That said I don’t think that’s coloured my review, especially since he didn’t feature me in there as a cameo character unlike the best book in the world ever which for some reason is now out of print! Hmm. Guess I’m not the box office draw I thought I was.

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