Daedelus Power

A fun night of music last night to top off the day after a morning filled with six and a half hours of driving from Montreal after being woken by the most amazing lightning and thunder at 4am. First up was Cat Power @ Hiro – I’ve never seen or heard her before, but she has an amazing blues voice and was singing alone with just a guitar or keyboard. At the start of the gig she got everyone in Hiro to sit down, and then when a small group of people near the front kept standing she got them to sit on stage behind her. Bless. What was most amazing was how noone in the entire venue was making a noise, and anyone who did was stared quickly into silent submission. Mmm… culty. Thanks to Gerald and Jeremy for the invite, unfortunately Cat herself had requested a no photo policy so no pics from that.

Having rudely pushed our way through the enraptured, seated throng, we headed down to APT for a free booze session followed by Daedelus. I’ve been wanting to see Daedelus live since his amazing ‘Just Briefly‘ video that I caught at RESfest last year. Luckily he didn’t disappoint, with an amazing electronica set (including Just Briefly) played on his Apple Powerbook and a strange device with flashing lights that he kept tapping at. Check out the photos here.

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