Had a smashing time last night – went to see the Buzzcocks who were playing at Warsaw in Williamsburg. It’s a great venue that I’ve never been to before – a large open cinema/ballroom space that is nicely air conditioned (useful last night which was hella sweaty). The Buzzcocks started with a few of their songs but then quickly went onto their classics, instigating a large amount of over-zealous moshing down the front. The songs came thick and fast (I think none of them went over three minutes) – with the vocals alternating between Steve Diggle and Pete Shelley. Diggle was definately the best entertainer, mugging for the crowd, pulling classic guitar god poses and holding the mike out for everyone to sing along – but overall the band was tight, fun and looked like they were enjoying themselves, as were the crowd. Plus, of course, they played ‘Ever Fallen in Love’ in the encore – smashing. Plus a big side cheers to John Peel for pimping them back in the days – we miss you!

Check out my photos here.

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