Colbert for President!

For those of you who didn’t pick up on Stephen Colbert’s amazing roast at the White House Press association dinner on Saturday you can watch it at Google video, officially approved by C-span – here you go.

What’s even more astounding about this is the almost complete absence of commentary in the traditional media. Most of the newspapers only mentioned that Bush came out and mocked his own pronunciation of ‘nuclear’ with a Bush impersonator “and then Steven Colbert did a nice little thing.” The web media have not been so un-impressed though, or should that be un-censored? And if you hurry along you can see Colbert’s own report on himself on Monday’s show at Comedy Central. Although given their earlier censoring of Mohammed from South Park it’s kind of surprising they haven’t just pulled the show for fear of reprisals… good job Comedy Central on showing some backbone. Finally. And Mr Colbert, we salute you!

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