And I will be your accident

Somehow I found out that TV on the Radio were playing their secret tour kick off gig at Union Pool last night. Having just missed out on tickets for their Bowery Ballroom ticket by a matter of minutes I over-cooked getting to this one a little bit, but I’m glad I did as they were amazing – rolling out their new songs to their home crowd and dropping some favourites as well. Thanks to Jess and Gerald for a) telling me about it and b) just being damn awesome.

My first batch of photos is up here – expect more soonish. Plus a word o’ advice for anyone trying to shoot at Union Pool: it’s dark and small, so don’t expect the usual bright stage lights to give you nice contrast shots.

Union Pool confirmed the secret gig on their mySpace about 10am on the day, which was interesting as up until that point they were just saying ‘special guests’ of Celebration, and Celebration were just saying ‘super secret guests.. hee ha hee’. So this was a good example of mySpace getting used to publicise fan only gigs. However at Union Pool I bumped into some folks I knew who were going to a secret Franz Ferdinand gig today purely because they had Franz Ferdinand as a mySpace friend, they got sent an announcement and were asked to put FF at the top of their mySpace friends, print out the page then take it along to Tower Records, where they were given a special yellow mySpace wristband that lets them in. Very interesting stuff indeed – mySpace is totally going down the music path, as well as the adolescent kids market. What’s fascinating to me is that mySpace didn’t set out that way, but they let people grow their pages organically, found that people were posting a lot of music, then responded to that by making it easier with music plugins. Definately something to bear in mind if you’re trying to grow any web community.

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