Back in the USS of A

After a whirlwind tour of Britland with Miette I’m back in Brooklyn on a bright, sunny, and slightly chilly morning. My bags are now unpacked. My washing is in a big pile. My fridge is bare. Lots to do. So hopefully if I work at getting smarter in a week then everything will be so much easierer. Er.

Being in London as a tourist, staying in a hotel rather than the usual generosity of friends with couches, was a strange experience for me. Trying to fit in just some of the usual things that go on in London made me realise why your average American tourist makes the mistake of trying to ‘do Europe in a week’. The list of places we wanted to go still far outweighs what we did see, but hopefully Miette got a sense of what London is like – from clubbing to history, from shopping to rain, from tube to London eye. Thanks to everyone who we managed to catch up with and sorry to everyone we didn’t, next time!

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