Minor Cessation of Brain

So for some reason I decided tonight would be a good time to try bikram yoga for the first time. Not quite sure what I was thinking, or that I was particularly in any fit state to look myself in a room at 42 C (over 100F) for 90 minutes DOING.FRIKKIN.YOGA!

Perhaps I might have faired better than only surviving 25 minutes of the warm-up exercises had I not cycled down there, but that’s probably a poor excuse. To my credit I did manage to stay in the room the whole time without bolting, even though at one point I felt my chest was going to explode. The full length of time I spent in the room was actually around two hours – as Bikram Williamsburg, like most bikram places, requires you to get down there over 20 minutes early if you’re a newbie to ‘acclimatize’.

To be fair, everyone in the class was very friendly and John, the teacher, was quite understanding of my decision to just lie there and try not to pass out while everyone else continued to execute a sweaty series of movements. Not quite the same as my usual mellow session down at go yoga though, that’s for sure.

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