There’s my car!

Google have rapidly increased the quality of their satellite images on Google maps and Google earth. For example, check out this picture of Paddington Station in London, or the taxis outside my office.

If you haven’t already, then go download Google Earth and take yourself on a trip round the world from your desk – it is absolutely amazing. They’ve now added a full 3D simulation of the Grand Canyon which is off the hook. You can also see another aspect of their business plan there, further indicating their genius – firstly everyone is contributing piles of geographic information of their own into Google’s system, secondly Google offer a very reasonable pro upgrade on the service at $20 a year. This $20 isn’t much per person but considering it’s per year and the number of people I already know in love with this service they must be making a chunk o’ change of this. Personally I can’t wait till they properly render New York buildings as a 3D fly through with photographic wall renderings. In real time.

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