Today is one of those days that I really really really wish my apartment had a sofa as I’m in the process of recovering from a hella-fun weekend. M was down and for her early birthday present we went to see Dirty Rotten Scoundrels which was great, luckily catching John Lithgow on his last weekend in the lead. This was followed by too many nights of late night partying at Supreme Trading and misshapes where Tom Vek was DJ’ing. Lots of dancing to be had by all. Hence the desire for comfy sofa to wrap up on and hide from the bitter winter weather that’s arrived today.. brr.

ps, I apologise for the incrapily bad writing above – I can’t seem to form a single good sentence today. If you feel like something more creatively stimulating go rummage around Kozyndan’s illustration archive – I love those guys.

Listening: Annie Nightingale’s 13th February radio1 show. Bouncey ‘n fun as always