It’s the end of the year as we know it

Well this time last year I was getting up and preparing for our first major SMS campaign – the Times Square SMS jukebox. Luckily this year I don’t have to work on the biggest drinking night of the year, huzah!

Looking back it is, yet again, amazing that another year has passed. We’re now well into the new millenium, seems like only yesterday when we were over at Chris’ house in Camden welcoming it in (not that I really remember that too well) and now it’s 5 years later and I’m partying away at Chris’ house in Highbury Islington. Blimey how things change.

Highlights of the year: another nephew (Benedict), my first nephew Nathanael sill super-awesome, Miette, Montreal, John & Sinead’s wedding, Andy & Sarah’s wedding, successfully carrying out some of the biggest SMS campaigns in the US, managing to do a handstand (albeit only one all year) & Miette.

Lowlights of the year: the tsunami (although that’s strictly speaking 2004), the earthquake in Kashmir, not scuba diving at all, my Canon S30 dying and the replacement S70 not giving me the same buzz, getting really unfit and the erratic heating in my apartment!

A joyful and prosperous 2006 to you all!

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