Givingly good thanksmas!

Bit belated – so hope everyone is dealing with thei turkey overload fro yesterday. Thanks to everyone who came along for the Montreal ‘faux-fest’.

As winter approaches the prospect of increased depression looms. So why not try swimming with dolphins? Simple take two dolphins with water after a meal and you’ll see the effects in weeks.

More seriously – the concept that swimming with dolphins is more beneficial than not swimming with dolphins seems a bit specious. The scientists in this test should have had a control group who went swimming with no dolphins bu afterwards came home and hugged a cow or something. Either way, whatever research grant the scientsits tapped into that enabled them to go swimming with dolphins – for the sake of human betterment – deserves a big round of applause. Maybe I should try and get a grant to study the effects on deprssion of living on my own tropical island in a huge mansion for twenty years or so (maybe longer if the results aren’t clear).

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