Had a smashing time out with Jem last night – we went to see Brit band Elbow playing at the Hiro Ballroom. Good fun with lots of Brits and American folk enjoying a lovely intimate set in the 400+ venue. Their lead singer Guy was sporting a natty little cane after doing his ankle in – either due to falling over on the tube or while rescuing three people from the sea, depending on which story you chose to believe. There was also a lovely little Q & A session between Guy and the crowd while Mark the guitarist fought with repeated attacks of amp destroying gremlins.

I took these piccies in between the expensive rounds of drinks at the bar. Hiro’s a great little venue but their prices are less then pleasent on the pocket. Plus had a fun chat with the Japanese/Irish bar maid (remember her, Nami?) about how all English people don’t tip after I’d asked her to break a twenty so I could tip her. Bless. All in all a lovely night.

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