Geek Tourism

Thanks to Mobile Monday New York I got to go hang out at Google’s NYC office last night. Good fun, and great to see inside one of the biggest ‘dot coms’ ever. Three floors inside 1440 Broadway with a huge atrium which, though cute, has crappy acoustics if you’re doing a presentation at the bottom. Last time I was at that building we were visiting Diddy’s (previously Puff Daddy) Bad Boy Records company to talk about Vote or Day – fond memories.

The whole thing made me very nostalgic for the old Quidnunc days (RIP), as the place seemed very similar in vibe and the people wandering around, plus the ‘Knowledge Share’ vibe of the presentation. That said the Google playschool colour scheme is a little bit jarring when it’s on top of every notice posted around – made me yearn for some mango orange…

Ps, the Google submarine should be awesome when it comes out in Q2 2006 {;).

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