Designed to read

Was just flicking through the latest issue of arthur[t], a free magazine I picked up in some Billyburg shop. It’s a great read, with beautifully simple design and a flowing, art noveau style on great paper stock. Did I mention that it’s free? Go pick one up at your nearest alternative vendelry and find out about modern counter-culture.

For those of you who aren’t in the US or Canada and want to read a different perspective on the world check out we make money not art[t]. This is a great filter on new products, designs and art around the world.

Now off to work. For the last few weeks all has been crazyness getting ready for some imminent new stuff (watch this space). Not sure when the crazyness will end, but in the meantime I’ve found that working really really late and getting much less sleep than I normally do is making me feel pretty darn chipper. That and the weather here in NY of C is beautiful now – sunny but not too hot. Ah, fall how I love thee.

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