Beside the seaside

Another fun day down at Coney Island, recovering from the excellent enjoyment of the Thompson wedding yesterday. Beautiful sunny day, still warm waters with little fishes swimming in it and even a lovely man selling pre cut mangoes on a stick. Yay! Only downside was watching a guy get dragged out of the sea about 20m away from us who the lifeguards weren’t able to resucitate. Pretty upsetting. Or just ‘good tv’ if you were one of the large crowd that gathered to watch the drama unfold.

What made this death at Coney Beach drama all the more unsettling was that under an hour later the lifeguards’ whistles blew again and someone else was dragged from the water! I belive this person survived though, helped by the fact that the police and other emergency services were still around. This was good news for him given that it took a good 15-20 minutes for any sort of rescue vehicle to turn up for the first guy. All in all very unsettling. Perhaps Coney Island is suffering an visitation of Australia’s finest killer jelly fish the irikanji?

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