The intention is the thought

So there was I, happily running around McClaren Park when my brain spun back to an old favourite idea of mine; having photos tagged geographically so you could do really cool things like search for all photos taken around the Empire State Building, and then make an amazing time lapse film of it all. Simple really.

As I was running I realised that now, with the ever-awesome Google Maps, and the hella-cool flickr this could be so easily achieved by tagging photos with longitude and latitude, and then combining the search. A pretty simple idea all told, so with high determination I continued my run home to think about how one would build this.

Of course, like all good web ideas folk I turned to Google for a quick search to see if this had been done, which might have saved me some time on Tripsta if I’d found this at the time although my interface was cuter and Google Maps would totally work like a dream here. I digress, as my search found the quite lovely, if a bit slow, Geobloggers. Ah well, saved me some coding effort I guess. Now all I need to do is go and tag all my photos so that my stalkrs can find me… yes, that means you Natalie Portman – stay away!

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