Reality Show or Real Life?

Metafilter pointed me towards this article in which a consultant claims they were running ‘war games’ in London based around a terrorist attack that was almost identical to what happened the other day. The claim by the website is that this means that government officials could be involved with the bombing, yet if questioned they would be ‘involved in an exercise’. This is pretty f*cking scary thinking.

Elsewhere in the site they claim that around 9/11 the American government was running multiple air attack ‘war games’ in which hijacked planes were involved. Consequently when the ‘real’ hijacked planes were in the air noone knew the difference. Again, this is pretty scary stuff.

Assuming this is true then one important question is raised in my mind: did the respective governments know (or worse yet instigate) these attacks, or is it that someone in Al’Quada has access to security briefings in both the US and UK governments? Both are paranoid considerations with far reaching implications.

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