Cracking under the pressure

Realised that I had, yet again, not written anything in my blog for a while.

Until now.

Bet you’re glad you waited aren’t you…

On more blog-worthy type ramblings: at present I’m enjoying some lovely sunny weather over in England as I catch up with my family and prepare to attend a wedding oop north. The last few days have been those beautiful sunny, 20 degree days with a slight breeze that are supposed to comprise the whole of ‘spring in New York’. Of course those of us who lived through this (now yearly) event saw remarkably few of those days this year – instead we enjoyed torrential and occaisionally freezing rain followed by tropical, summer-esque humidity.

Now that it’s summer of course we can expect a pile more of the latter, which gets me to thinking; where would be good to live and find more of this current weather that I’m enjoying so much? Montel goes off to Chile for the New York summer (for his MS), others go off to the Hamptons for the summer and me, well, I tend to stick out the hot, sweatiness – often without the benefit of a/c. More fool me.

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