A disturbance in the force

Yesterday we went on a company trip to see psychic celeb Sylvia Brown at a taping of the Montel show. Wooo!

Now for those Brits who read my ramblings, Montel is a pretty major daytime talk show host out here in the US of A. He’s more intellectual and less fight orientated than Jerry Springer – more like Vanessa back home. The reason for our visit? Well we’re currently running a text messaging promotion for them based around Sylvia’s inspirational message of the day. All good fun.

What was a bit unnerving about this was that we went down to see the taping on the basis that we would be backstage and out of the melee.. Of course we got there and found we’d been reserved seats in the front row. Funny. So of course there’s me and Stephen, too more reserved Brits, in the midst of a crowd of Sylvia’s fans who’d waited ages to get tickets and ask her a question such as ‘Is my dead husband OK on the other side?’, or ‘How many angels are around me?’ (surprisingly the answer seems to be four most of the time – no idea why).

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