There’s a mouse, loose about dis house

Very strange alarm call this morning… A cute little mouse had decided to get into bed with me by my feet which I guess woke me up. The poor little thing was resting at the end of my bed, so I took a photo in case it ran away. It didn’t. So I took another. Still not moved. So I put a box over it, and then moved it into a bucket. Still not much movement apart from breathing and whisker twitching.

At this point I started getting flashbacks to my childhood and trying to rescue half eaten mice from our cats. No cats to blame this time, but my gifts of lovely leicester cheese ($9.99 per lb) and water were rejected. In fact when I came out of the shower, involving not a little contemplation of a suitable name for my new pet, the mouse had obviously decided it was dirty and had had it’s own bath.

Sadly by the time I’d finished dressing the mouse was not looking at all well. My experience as pet minister kicked in as I administered the last rites and gave it a full state burial in my trash. Sniff sniff.

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