The first snow storm of the season has hit and boy is it a doozy! Whatever a doozy is.

The snow started here about midday as I wandered down to yoga, and by the time I got out about two hours later there was 1/3 foot across the ground. What’s kind of surprising is that even though it’s daytime the snow was settling on the roads and not doing the usual grey, mucky New York road snow thing. Guess that’s because it has been so arsingly cold here that the snow can settle properly (it’s been pushing -20 C, that nice kind of cold where you can’t feel your toes and your face feels like it’s falling off).

Now there’s almost a foot on the ground and a strong wind creating some fun little drifts. Still white and pretty though, well, fluorescent yellowy white from the city lights. I’m hoping that by tomorrow it will have gotten to a better consistency for making snow folk, as it’s not particularly sticky at the moment. Fingers crossed!

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