Apparently I wasn’t drunk enough on New Year’s Eve this year… even though I tried to drink enough to compensate for not drinking at all last year since I was driving to take Holly to the Falls Festival for her performance. We managed to both fall asleep in the car that night, missing Aussie New Year – so I had to make sure this year I was doubly awake {;)

Why was I not drunk enough? Well I reckon because not only did I wake up feeling relatively good at midday yesterday, but when ‘evil’ Sophy texted over to suggest meeting her and Miguel at Milk & Honey for a few drinks I hummed and hawed and texted back ‘yes’. I’m sure I did write some new year’s resolutions down somewhere…

Anyway I’m glad she did as Milk & Honey is a great little place. An intimate little speakeasy where you have to be on the guestlist to get in but there’s no velvet rope policy – just a ‘keep it chilled and mellow’ policy inside. The drinks, although expensive, are wonderful – the haute cuisine to most bars fast food – which covers the time it takes to make them as well as the amazing flavours. Served with fresh juices in long glasses with long shards of ice instead of cubes, they are stimulating to both the palette and the eye. The bourbon and ginger drink, made with real ginger juice not ginger all, was a complete blast through my slightly fuzzy system – wonderful.

Aside from finding an interesting little bar it was great to see Sophy and Miguel again – hard to believe it had been almost six months. Miguel was mildy excited about the upcoming War of the Worlds, as he managed to score himself a speaking line to Mr Cruise himself. Good job! Strangely they did casting calls for people who could speak Portuguese, but then his line is in English – go figure. What this led to was finding out that Miguel’s 2nd or 3rd cousin is an actor who was in Robocop amongst other films – his name, also Miguel Ferrer. Oh, the other other aside is that through other slightly convoluted familiar paths the Miguels are also related to George Clooney. Small world.

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