Dah dum

In the wake of the recent great white attack off Adelaide the state premier has called for the animals death, even though great whites are a protected species. Nothing like a good old bit of knee jerk reaction, especially since every Aussie I ever met who surfed, scuba dived or whatever was always very sanguine about the sharks they swam with. Someone did post a great idea though, that they should tag the great whites so they can be tracked and then issue alerts to swimmers in risk areas.

Meanwhile the danger continues closer to home back on 54th street… For the second time this month the street was closed off as fire trucks evacuated a building. Again not our building, but kinda worrying. One of the hazards of being near a busy area I guess.

In more happy news.. had a great company holiday dinner last night down at Giorgione. Lovely food, erratic heating and slightly over-pretentious. Once everyone around us got more drunken the atmosphere became more fun though. Merry Textmas!

BTW, finally succumbed to buying a digital SLR. My new Canon d20 arrived the other day and I’ve already blown off 300 odd pics on it. Very cute indeed, just have to get the hang of using it and taking the kind of photos I like taking! I just love the fact that it fires off a shot within miliseconds and starts up just as quickly, very different from my dearly beloved but old and battered S30.

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