Food coma

One thing I love and hate at the same time about New York is the food… The range, quality and availability is always amazing. At any time of day you can find something interesting to eat and you can normally get it delivered to your door within half an hour. Herein lies the problem.

This morning I quite happily finished off a healthy bowl of cereal around 8.30am and pootled off into town on the E train. Somehow I was first into the office, but when everyone else turned up Simon ordered his breakfast from Europa and “would I like anything?”. Well, I wasn’t really hungry, but the thought of a small snack appealed. Somehow this ‘small snack’ concept suffered minor scope creep, becoming a two egg roll with beef sausage – hence my current food coma.

So at somepoint soon I’m intending to re-develop some willpower, with which I will not only resist excessive breakfasts but also prevent crime by the power of my mind (and my gnarly spider-like powers – yep, finally saw Spiderman 2 and it was highly entertaining). This willpower will also be applied to prevent me going into crappy chain restaurants such as Dallas BBQ on the basis that it’s “good to slum it sometimes”. No it’s not!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off for a quick doze…

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