A new day is dawned..

OK. This is a geek-post, so for those of you who ain’t fascinated by geek-type thangs please switch off now (although I can’t promise that you won’t miss some fine wit and insight if you do.. coff). Anyway, all geeks here now? Sweet…

Well, the secret of eternal happiness is… Hey! Some of you non-geeks are still here! I can see you, skulking around at the back there. Yes, you! It’s no use pretending you’ve read manuals on Java as ‘light bed time reading’ now sonny jim.. off you go. Bye now.

Where was I? Oh yes, the secret of eternal happiness, when it comes to making your website of course, is to get your head round stylesheets. So finally, after many years of being a die hard table coder, I re-vamped this entire site to be stylesheet driven. [Ecstatic cheers from Thompson of ‘better late than never Hobbs!’]

So what does that mean to you my fair reader? Well, for a start the site will probably be misbehaving for a few days while I finish tweaking it. Apologies for that. If you find anything seriously not working then let me know. If it’s not looking like it normally does then you may be on an old browser… IE4 is OLD! Time to upgrade and get with the 90s at least. Well it’s done now anyway, so enjoy the ride ahead!

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