Anyone for Sunshine?

Wow! Just saw one of the best films in a while – ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind‘. It’s a Michel Gondrey film, he of the Kylie video with multiple Kylies walking the same route, with a Charlie Kaufman script, he of ‘Being John Malkovitch’ and ‘Adaption’ fame – so it’s probably not a surprise that I loved it given I loved those other films. Kaufman has a very strange twist on modern living and how people interact, creating characters who are often quite extreme emotionally but very believable. In ‘Eternal Sunshine’ the plot revolves around a couple who go through a bad breakup and then have their memories of the relationship erased. I can’t tell you too much because it would spoil some wonderful twists but the principle players Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet are wonderful, and with a supporting cast of A List stars (including the ever lush Kirsten Dunst and the ‘I’m not Frodo’-esque Elijah Wood). Gondrey’s visual manner is, as you would expect, awesome, favouring handheld ‘skakey-cam’ and some great ways to represent the memories being erased Go see it!

In other exciting news – I’m still in New York at the mo… Yep, got convinced into staying a little bit longer since I wasn’t really doing much back in the UK. Guess my travel bug hadn’t quite gotten itself out of my system. Been having a great time catching up with many of the old gang. If anyone’s over here and we havn’t caught up yet I’m going to try and organise some drinks this Thursday and if you want to come along drop me a mail or give me a call (917-915.0015).

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