No news is good news

It’s been an exciting few days… my nephew has completely recovered and is now even cuter. It’s amazing how much fun you can have watching a small relative putting a towel over his head and then pulling it off when his mother goes “where’s Nathanael?” – big smiles all round. It’s certainly infinitely more fun than the so called ‘entertainment’ program shown on Saturday night on ITV where pathetic, puerile tricks are played on unsuspecting members of the public to the backing track of extremely over the top laughter. Nice to see that quality British TV hasn’t slumped to new lows while I’ve been away… plus there’s always Neighbours to watch isn’t there?

And now, here is the news… Yep, my idea for a ‘contextual’ news service suddenly popped into my inbox today from Idea a Day. Can’t remember how long ago it was since I posted that but ’twas certainly a surprise to see it again. Now just hope someone goes off and builds it – or tells me where I can find it already. This added to my already high geek quotient today as I’d just gotten my email retrieval working on my mobile.

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