Going Phi Phi Again

Now down on Ko Lanta, southernmost of the touristy islands on the Andaman coast of Thailand. Here because everyone said it was the nicest, most chilled out island they’d been to on their travels and much better than the highly package touristy Ko Phi Phi… Not 100% convinced of that at the moment as it seems pretty darn package touristy here as well, although without the (often fun) drunken antics of Phi Phi town and the infamouse Tiger bar.

Staying on Long Beach, a different one to Ko Phi Phi but with similar gorgeous sand and wonderful swimming. The whole beach is chocca with guest houses ranging from upmarket bungalows to badly built bambo huts (which is where I’ve been staying). There are benefits to ill fitting bambo mesh though, the light streams through at dawn in a most beautiful manner to wake you up and it normally lets the poisonous centipedes crawl straight back out again after they crawl in… well, most of the time. Same can’t be said for the evil little red ants although only myself to blame for dropping some nut crunch on the floor there.

Also finding the people on Ko Lanta a lot more pushy than elsewhere. Everyone really tries to sell you on their service with barely a pause for breath (all the bar owners ask ‘where are you staying’ as the second question after ‘what do you want to drink’, rapidly followed by a recommendation for their guest house). This is true of the farangs as well as the locals, and can be quite off-putting. Shame in such an island paradise and apparently ’twas not the case only a year ago when half the guest houses hadn’t been built. Progress…

Had a great dive today though off Ko Bida – saw an awesome leopard shark amongst other things and, more importantly, my ears didn’t fritz out on me – so more diving ahead. Huzah!

Hint of the day: When booking your ‘ferry ticket from Krabi to Ko Lanta’ make sure you’re booking the relaxing two hour, all sea based ferry ride as opposed to the two hour cramped minibus journey broken up with two 3 minute ferry crossings.. Not quite as enjoyable.

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