Oh my Buddha!

Another day, another island.. This time it’s the home of the infamous Full Moon Party – Ko Phangan (or Ko Pha Ngan) in the Thai gulf. Another day spent travelling to get here – crossing the Thai southlands from Krabi to Surat Thani then a ferry – with the weathe getting greyer and windier as we went – oops. Currently staying in a small beachside guest house (Chokana) near Tong Sala and contemplating a move to Heddrin (or Hat Rin or however you want to spell it).

Nothing much else to say at the mo though… The local Chokana folk are very touchy feely and prone to saying ‘Oh my Buddha!’ at random, amusing moments. There’s a cool dog called Johnnie who likes to dig up sand crabs and then chase them down the beach – all of which passes for high entertainment value here. Getting mildly addicted to oil massage although the best one I had was still the first one on Ko Phi Phi – with a massage hut right on the beach listening to the waves break as a larger than average Thai woman pummelled the knots out of my back. Bliss. Last night’s massage left my smelling like a coconut which seemed to attract the amorous attentions of this cute black puppy that wouldn’t let go of my leg.. ah, bless.

Planning to move to Haddrin at some point to be more in the thick of it (ie, nearer regular massage facilities) and going to do some yoga and massage courses to keep me off the streets (and away from the cheap and evil local Thai whiskey). Also suspect that the every night beach party on Sunrise beach (Heddrin has two beaches, sunrise and sunset for obvious reasons) will keep me busy some nights with the choice of hip hop, house, chart, techno, trance and whatever else the DJ fancies combined with full on fire twirling shows – sometimes there are four going on at the same time, each with multiple people which is pretty intense.

Right… back off for some more sunning now having narrowly avoided a dialup crash at this cheapy cheap internet place (20 baht an hour).

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