Well, everything’s in boxes now and just have to do a quick run down the Post Office to send off my ‘valuable’ crap back home. Amazing how much random stuff I’d accumulated in such a short time. Been good practice paring it all down as I get ready to head off – but have to give credit to the Chrises for a much more impressive shedding of everything they own, as the house is now bare save for a few suitcases. Amazing.

Still half excited about going and half sad – had a great night out last night, visiting a lot of the regular Brunswick Street haunts. Plus Emma at Bimbos gave me a free pizza – huzah (as if my gut wasn’t already big enough from their pizzas). Feel a bit rough now, but that’s traditional for getting on a long haul flight these days. Anyway, for those of you interested in my route as I travel it’s all going to be on Tripsta, so sign up for that and then invite me along as a friend using as the email address. Simple. Going to be fun trying that site out for real as I travel again….

So, to my Melbourne friends, hope to see you all again somewhen and somewhere soon – enjoy the city for me while I’m away {:)

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