‘Twas the day after the day after Christmas

And all round the house, not a creature was stirring except for the lesser spotted ‘loudus stompious chrisus’. Ah well, good to get up early sometimes {;)

Belated Merry Christmas to everyone wherever you are!

So that was my first Christmas ever away from home… Had a lot of fun, although did miss everyone something back home muchly. Also managed to eat less than usual, mainly because it’s hard to eat too much filling, carb laden food when it’s almost 30 degrees!

It was also strange because it was probably the first Christmas ever when no TV at all passed my eyes. Huzah! Not having a TV here has been quite a strange adjustment – you don’t realise quite how much of your life is spent sitting in front of it just ‘passing time’. I always planned to do that when I first moved to New York but somehow a TV materialised quite rapidly in my apartment.

And on a related note it’s only five hours till I see Return of the King! Perhaps the true meaning of Christmas… well, this year at least since it comes out later here than everywhere else in the world. Aussies have a big spate of summer blockbusters released on Boxing Day which seems quite strange. In Victoria this is combined with the fact that there is no public holiday on Boxing Day, unlike the rest of Australia – much to many people’s dismay.

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